Ask a Charter Yacht Ownership Expert: Q&A with Christine

The cruising lifestyle is all about freedom and options — starting with the journey to ownership. 

If you’re curious about charter yacht ownership, we invite you to tune into our previously recorded livestream presentation. It’s a chance to gain unique insights from Christine, one of our Yacht Ownership experts.

In this episode, Christine explains The Mooring’s Yacht Ownership Program and outlines what you should consider when deciding whether this path is right for you. She also shares insights gained while working with hundreds of Moorings owners and answers participants’ questions throughout the entire livestream. 



What was covered?

With over two decades of experience at The Moorings, including 13 years in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, Christine is undeniably an expert in the field of yacht sales. During the one-hour event, she delves into why The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program should be at the top of your ownership choices. She provides valuable insights and answers questions about whether the program aligns with your lifestyle. Additionally, Christine breaks down the purchasing process, highlights the benefits of ownership, and goes into detail about pricing and the workings of the Guaranteed Income program. She also details how our Owner's Use works by explaining the Owner Privilege Table.


Finally, just before answering the last round of viewers' questions, Christine dives into the exciting possibilities that await owners once their contract ends. She also takes a moment to shed light on the distinctions between charter ownership and private ownership, providing valuable insights for those considering charter yacht ownership.


What did people think?

Chrstine's Ask a Moorings Yacht Ownership Expert presentation drew rave reviews from the live stream’s audience, who appreciated the honest insight into the program. "Good information about the program. And the responses to questions seemed honest and upfront about the pros and cons," said one viewer. And another reviewer shares, "This was a great presentation! I found it to be very informative."


We invite you to press play on the video above and enjoy the recorded live stream!


Zoe Bell

Marketing Coordinator for The Moorings, Sunsail and Leopard Catamarans