Discover Why the Moorings 403PC Is Your Perfect Partner at Sea

Step aboard the Moorings 403PC, our newest power catamaran that redefines the joy of modern-day cruising in the Caribbean. If you are still deciding which boat model will best suit your needs, here are six compelling reasons why this exceptional yacht for sale should be on your radar.


Speed and Power

With a cruising speed of 15 knots, the Moorings 403PC ensures swift journeys to picturesque anchorages, expanding your horizons for exploration without feeling crunched for time. Twin 320hp Yanmar in-line engines offer unrivaled reliability, backed by the brand's esteemed reputation, the engine choice for all 750 of our boats. Our certified technicians uphold the highest maintenance standards for your peace of mind.

Fuel Efficiency

Motor catamarans excel in fuel efficiency, and the Moorings 403PC is no exception. Its advanced design, including superior water penetration and a stepped hull, minimizes fuel consumption. At 15 knots of light displacement, each engine sips just 30 liters per hour, rising to approximately 40 liters per hour when fully loaded.

Luxurious Owner's Cabin

Reserved for owners, the Moorings 403PC's 3-cabin layout boasts a spacious starboard hull featuring a generous bed—comparable to its larger sibling, the Moorings 464PC—a desk, ample wardrobe space, and a luxurious forward head. On the port side, two additional guest cabins offer comfort, each equipped with large double beds and another head.

Expansive Living Spaces

Revel in the vastness of the Moorings 403PC's flybridge, the largest in its size class. Hosting an entire crew is a breeze, with room to spare. The flybridge includes a magnificent helm station, a dining area with a table, an outdoor bar with a grill and fridge, and a spacious aft sundeck, all sheltered by an innovative rigid bimini. Additionally, the interior living spaces, typical of catamarans, surpass those of single-hulled yachts of similar size.

Transition to Energy Independence

Derived from Leopard Catamarans' latest motor catamaran range, the Moorings 403 Powercat pioneers onboard energy management. Designed by Simonis & Voogd, this model integrates enhanced solar panels atop the rigid flybridge bimini, offering four times the solar power of its predecessor. While complete energy self-sufficiency is achievable, air conditioning usage in tropical climates may require moderation. 

European Powerboat of the Year Winner

Recognizing all the exceptional qualities above, the Moorings 403PC has been awarded the esteemed 'European Powerboat of the Year' award. Judged by a panel of European experts and journalists from leading publications, this achievement underscores the vessel's excellence in performance and design.


The Moorings 403PC epitomizes years of collaboration between The Moorings, Robertson & Caine, and Simonis & Voogd Design. If you seek a blend of speed, fuel efficiency, space, and comfort, this power catamaran awaits, inviting you to create unforgettable moments on the water.

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