Meet the Owner Care Team

The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program (and its sister program Sunsail Ownership) includes some pretty fantastic ownership benefits, but the most helpful and personal of these is the Owner Care Team.

What is Owner Care?

Owner Care is a comprehensive care department specifically for The Moorings (and Sunsail) owners. No other ownership program offers such a remarkable service. This team is put in place to personally help you with all of your ownership needs, from booking your vacations to the management of the boat, and even the phase out process. This is a team built to be on the owner’s side in helping navigate the ownership program flawlessly.

As an owner, your journey with the owner care team begins when you sign the contract for your new boat. You are quickly put in contact with the enthusiastic John Keyes, and the problem solving Jenn Andre. 

How does Owner Care Work?

As our owner team member John Keyes says, “We are the folks that take care of everything the boat owner can think of short of actually working on the boat ourselves. How does it work? You just call or email us, and we do it.” John  handles all of the bookings and Jenn handles the maintenance, phase outs, contracts, insurance, and owner financials for boats with US owners, South American owners, South African owners, and a few UK owners. These yachts are generally located in the Caribbean, but they also monitor a number of boats in the Med, Thailand, Seychelles, and Australia.

John, who specializes in bookings, says “As far as I know, we have the best and most liberal owner use schedule in the industry. From boat types to locations, plus long low season periods (Caribbean low is April 16 to December 15), owners would be challenged to find another company that can give them what we offer.”

Jenn works with the phase out process, but is also involved in all other aspects of owner care. Jenn explains “I really enjoy helping people, and I’m a big fan of problem solving. I love when owners come to me with seemingly impossible tasks - this is where I shine! I love thinking outside the box and proving to people why we are the best in the business.”

This team becomes more than just an extension of the program. They really get to know the owners as individuals and are ready to make each owner's experience as positive as possible. Owner Paul Jacobs, in his book, Voyages, about his experiences in the Owner program, mentions John several times.

How do owners make their charter bookings?

“All owners’ reservations are made through John Keyes at the Sunsail office in Clearwater, FL.  John, as I would quickly learn, is a wonderful fellow with an enormous store of knowledge regarding just about every Sunsail & Moorings base worldwide.  For example, he will often know where to get provisions or libations at a given base, the average water temperature in Croatia in September, or the availability of a Jeanneau 36i in Apooti, Raiatea six months in advance.  Furthermore, if there is something he does not know, he will suggest where you might obtain additional information.  He has a wonderful “can do” attitude, a terrific sense of humor, and by quickly checking his computer John knows exactly how many Advance Booking, or Short Notice Booking “points” you still have remaining in a given calendar year.  Over the past four years, although I have never yet met John Keyes in person, I have spoken with him dozens of times, sent e-mails back and forth, and now feel that he is almost an old friend.”

The Customer Care journey typically ends when the boat is handed over, but for many owners the connection with the Owner Care Team continues.  “I do get many owners whom we keep in touch with after hand over, especially if the owners have kept their boats and taken them to their home cities. They like to keep us up to date on their journey as a private owner” Jenn tells us.

For more information on the Yacht Ownership Program and the Owner Care Team, please contact us. We’re here to answer your questions about the program, and our Owner Care Team is here to answer your questions during your entire time as an owner!

Katy Buckner

Katy grew up in Clearwater, FL and has been with The Moorings and Sunsail for many years. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs including operating a crewed yacht in the BVI, four years as a Vacation Planning Specialist, and helping people own yachts in our fleet since 1990.