Moorings 514PC Owner Has a Good Thing Going

When you know you’ve got something good, you hold onto it. Unless, of course, you can trade it for something bigger and better…..

Fred Bunting, owner of the Moorings 514PC “10 Grand”, named for his 10 grandchildren, is quite familiar with this concept. Having been a Moorings Yacht Owner since 2003, he has owned four boats in the Yacht Ownership Program. He owned the first model powercat in 2003 and has consistently traded up at the right opportunity.

Afforable way to own

When asked what it is about the program that he enjoys the most, Fred explains, “It is an affordable way to have a beautiful boat. The key word is affordable.  Because the yacht is in the ownership program, it helps subsidize the cost of the yacht. And it is nice to be able to go to a beautiful place and enjoy your boat.” He Continues, “We used to charter sail boats with two other couples, but we really love the power boats. They are easy to handle and easy to maneuver."

Owning in the Caribbean

Fred owns his yacht in the BVI. And as many Moorings Owners will tell you, owning a yacht in this piece of paradise never gets old because every time you go, you will find something new. Fred confirms, “We know the BVI inside out and backwards. But we are constantly finding new coves and discovering new beaches. We mix up our itinerary which makes it different and enjoyable. We love the casualness of shorts and sandals with a t-shirt, everywhere you go is laid back. You never have to worry about a dress code. We can go to the BVI and totally relax there.”

What island would you guess would be the favorite to a couple of BVI experts? You could try to guess an island so remote that maybe you have never heard of, but you would be wrong. “My favorite island is Cooper Island. If I was going to drop off the face of the earth for two weeks, that’s where you would find me. I love the restaurant and the setting—they are both great,” Fred reveals. In addition to excellent food and a picture perfect setting, you will find some great snorkeling on Cooper Island as well.

Not a once in a lifetime experience

Once you experience a yacht charter with The Moorings, you will understand what it is all about. Furthermore, you will understand that this is not a once in a lifetime kind of trip, but the kind of experience that you will crave again and again. Fortunately for Moorings Owners, they have the distinct luxury of knowing that this trip will not be their last. “All of our trips are so darn good. For our next trip we are going to charter two yachts, maybe three. We will have ten couples attending. Once we started bringing our friends, they all wanted to charter again.”

As for future plans for the Buntings, “In five years we will trade in for a new one. We are hooked!”


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