Owners Meet Their Powercat in Annapolis

The 2016 Annapolis Powerboat Show was one for the books. The Moorings Yacht Ownership Team proudly displayed the Moorings 514PC and the Moorings 433PC, and we were grateful for the chance to meet various Moorings Yacht Owners—some who have been in the program for 4 years, and also some fresh new faces.

There was one event in particular that stood out among the rest, and that was having the unique opportunity to be a part of the christening of the Moorings 514PC knows as “Blonndie”. Blonndie was the display model at the Annapolis Powerboat Show and the proud new owners, Eric and Kendra, were able to make the trip to Annapolis to see her for the first time.

After the christening, we had the opportunity to catch up with these new owners and get some feedback on their journey through the purchase of their first Moorings Powercat. Read some of the conversation below:


Q: How did you decide on the Moorings 514PC?

E & K:  The most appealing part about the Moorings 514PC was the size. We wanted to be able to bring several family and friends to enjoy the boat with us.


Q: How did you conclude that the Moorings Yacht Ownership Program was the perfect one for you?

E & K: What we liked most about the program is that we can use our owner’s time in other parts of the world. We are not limited to one location or region.


Q: During the purchase process, can you explain how a buyer gets to a point where they feel comfortable to move on to the next step?

E & K: Our Yacht Sales Agent was great to work with. She did an amazing job with answering all of our questions. And she was patient with us throughout the entire process, which put us as ease.


Q: What made you finally decide to “pull the trigger”?

E & K: A current owner in your program, who happens to be a good friend of mine, has been in the program for a few years and he told us with confidence that he believed in the program and he thought it would be a good move for us.


And the rest is history. The Moorings is excited to welcome our newest owners into the Moorings family. We wish Eric and Kendra many years of happy cruising.


Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.