Owning a Charter Boat 24 Years Later

There comes a time in every Moorings Yacht Owner‘s life when they will have to make the decision of what comes after their time in the Moorings Charter Fleet is over. Owners may decide to bring their yacht home, or go cruising around the world. They may choose to trade in their boat and purchase another yacht to re-enter The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program, and some owners may decide to sell their boat. Alternatively, The Moorings, unlike any other charter company, has the Footloose Charter Fleet. This fleet is composed of former Moorings yachts, and many owners enjoy extended yacht ownership in this program.

Moorings Owner, Rick Chappell, decided that after eight years with The Moorings and Footloose, it was time to bring his boat home. 

It has been nearly 25 years since "Space Dancer" entered the Moorings Charter Fleet and she continues to bring bliss to her proud owners 17 years after phase out. "Space Dancer", a Beneteau 445, was moved to Destin, FL at the end of her charter life. These owners are looking forward to another 25 years of smooth sailing on their Moorings yacht. 

"She was in the BVI for eight years with the Moorings and then Footloose. We moved her Destin in 2000, when our time in the Ownership Program ended, and we have enjoyed her here where she is docked near our home. We have done some Gulf sailing as well as cruising in the inter-coastal waterway and we spend time watching lots of sunsets in the Gulf.  It's been a wonderful boat!

 The decision to become part of the Moorings ownership group in 1993 was a great one for me. We probably spent a total of 40 weeks in the BVI during the time that she was kept there. What a treat! 

We enjoyed being at the Moorings this past February when we chartered a 51 foot boat with a total of four couples and had a great time. I have even considered bringing the Space Dancer back to the BVI's so we could enjoy our time there for many more years. 

Thanks to everyone at the Moorings and especially to Ann Beck who guided me and helped me watch over Space Dancer for the many years that she was in the BVI.

The Moorings is part of our family and life experience. With best wishes and sincere appreciation to all of you!"

Rick Chappell, Moorings 44.3, BVI

Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.