Patience Pays Off for Moorings 433PC Owner

David Burgess, owner of the Moorings 433 PC “My Wish”, has been around boats most of his life. “I grew up around the water. I had a Carolina Sport Fisher and I would go fishing all the time." And he is no stranger to the charter experience, he reveals, 

“The first time I chartered was ten years ago on a Moorings 4700 sailing catamaran. Once the 474 PC came out, we chartered those and really liked them. We also chartered the 393 PC. When I discovered the 433 PC was in production, I started frequently following up with the sales agents, watched the progression of the boat, and purchased hull #1. When my boat arrived in the BVI, I took my wife and daughters on her maiden voyage. We spent Thanksgiving on Anegada for Lobster Fest and we had an absolute blast. From North Sound, we made it to Anegada in under an hour.”

 Powercat Progess

For someone who has followed the progress of Moorings Catamarans, David knew exactly what he was looking for, and he knows a thing or two about the hulls themselves. In comparison to the sailing catamarans he explains, “The new hulls—the 433 PC and the 514 PC—have been completely redesigned. The hulls have been reconfigured and lengthened by 3 feet to make the propulsions work at the power that they do. There has been a tremendous amount of work by Alex Simonis and his design team. They have been designed from the running gear up to be power boats. Compared to others boats in their class, they are better looking and better built.”

 Finding the Perfect Boat

The Moorings 433 PC turned out to be the perfect match for the Burgess family. They appreciate the size and comfort of their yacht. David reveals, “She has plenty of storage and my wife loves the vanity in the owner’s suite. Our daughters each have their own cabin and they can bring friends.  It is also perfect for two or three couples to spend a week to ten days onboard. The 433 PC is the perfect size and we plan to take her home at the end, so this boat fit the bill—smaller, and great fuel efficiency; the generator burns more fuel than the engines. “

 Perks of the Program

David went on to share with us elements of the ownership program that he finds the most appealing. “A great advantage of being an owner is the sleep aboard option, which helps you make the most of your owner’s time. You pay $150.00 to board the boat at 6 p.m. and you stay the night at the dock. It gives you a chance to get acclimated after a day of travel. And the staff and facilities are great. If you plan to charter multiple times a year and you enjoy it, you need to buy. I love the flexibility of use and that fact that we own a boat in the British Virgin Islands. As a Moorings Owner we don’t have to worry about hurricanes, insurance, dockage, repairs or maintenance. We use it, we enjoy it, and we love it. You get to explore more, and you meet a whole boating community. It also provides an opportunity to plug in with the locals, and you get to know people in a different light.  We will be in the program for five years and in the end we can trade her in, phase her out, or sell her through Moorings Brokerage—we’ve got options.  We plan to phase her out and bring her back to Virginia, maybe stop in Cuba and Key West on the way.  In the end, we hope for her to be our floating condo in Florida.”

 Long Term Goals

Bringing “My Wish” home is David’s long term plan, but in the short term, they intend to make the most of being a Moorings Yacht Owner, “We went on a 10 day trip with our best friends in January, and then the first week in May I went with my wife and two other couples.  Our most recent trip was for a week over Memorial Day.” David generously provided us with the itinerary from his Memorial Day trip. He took his daughter and seven of her friends on Moorings 514 PC in the BVI to celebrate her college graduation—they covered a lot of ground! To discover some of his favorite spots and to start planning your next powercat charter, view their itinerary here.


Believe it or not, the Burgess Family has only been a part of the program for eight short months. They still have years ahead of them, and the possibilities are endless. “I would love to go to the Greek Islands or Croatia. I wouldn’t mind hitting St. Martin, and the Bahamas would be something of interest. The next time we charter out of Tortola we want to visit St. John. My family just loves the BVI and we love having our boat here.  It is such a cool place to visit and you can experience something different every time you go.”


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Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.