Phase Out Program Explained

After five years of sailing in some of the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds, there comes a time in every Charter Yacht Owner‘s life when they will have to make the decision of what comes next. Goodbyes are always hard, but depending on what lies ahead, it may not be "goodbye", it may be a "see you soon".

As you enter the final year of The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program you may have already decided what to do with your yacht when it comes out of the fleet. If you have not, it is important that you begin to understand all of your options and carefully decide what the best choice is for you. Whatever your intent, we strive to make this period as trouble free as possible. 

Your Options

  1. Continue in the Yacht Ownership Program. Now do you understand what we meant when we said “see you soon”? We would love to have you restart the program with us! Many of our owners are 3rd, 4th and 5th time yacht owners with The Moorings! We have a brokerage support team that will take your five-year-old yacht on a trade in, and from there you can purchase a new Moorings Yacht and start the program over again.
  2.  Footloose Sailing Charters. The Moorings, unlike any other charter company, has the Footloose Charter Fleet. This fleet is composed of former Moorings yachts, and many owners enjoy extended yacht ownership in this program. Footloose selections are made at the end of every calendar year, depending on the needs of the fleet. You may also decide to put your yacht into a second tier charter company that is not affiliated with The Moorings. The choice is all yours.  
  3. Yacht Brokerage. If you decide to sell your yacht, you can list your boat through The Moorings Yacht Brokerage. More than 200 people sail (or motor) away with used boats from The Moorings Yacht Brokerage each year! And with a global network of 20 experienced yacht brokers spanning five continents, we are set up for success to sell your yacht! If you do decide to trade your yacht in for a new Moorings Yacht, our brokerage team will simply take the trade-in and handle the rest.
  4. Keep your yacht. Of course this is an option. Owners may decide to keep their yacht and go cruising around the globe, or bring her home to enjoy at their leisure.


What is a phase out?

No matter what option you decide, your boat will undergo a phase out. Perhaps you are wondering what exactly a phase out is? Please allow us to explain!

The phase-out period begins after the last charter has taken place on your yacht, and it has been removed from the reservation system. Generally, the phase out period takes 30-90 days. During this time we will ensure that your yacht has been refitted and all systems are in good working order. The Base Manager and their technical team at your home base manage the phase out process. During this period, your point of contact will be your dedicated Owner Care Representative. We also encourage our owners to engage in the services of an Independent Marine Surveyor to participate in the phase out process with them.

It should be noted that in addition to an extensive phase out, all of our yachts also have an annual haul-out during the charter term, in addition to scheduled maintenance and monthly inspections.

After the phase out maintenance is complete, we ask that you conduct a sea trial and a survey of the yacht.  If you have any concerns that you feel need additional attention the Yacht Operations Manager or Technical Manager would be pleased to address those with you.

At Phase out, your yacht will be released in the best possible condition. The most successful handover stories come from maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process. We will provide you with a thorough phase out check list to make certain this is a seamless process. Finally, the day of the yacht handover will arrive. At this time, once the acceptance and release has been signed, the vessel is formally handed over to the owner or authorized agent.

At this point she is all yours and where you go from here is completely up to you.

Do you want to know what our owners think of our phase out program? See some of the testimonials that we have received below!


Los Escapados – St. Martin

We spent 3 weeks in St Martin and sailed Los Escapados for a week around St Barths, St Kitts & Nevis.

An anecdote: they gave me a new Jeanneau 51 to sail for 1 week while they were still busy on Escapados.

Although newer and with some details that I found positive, nevertheless, when we sailed the 53 immediately after, I was absolutely delighted with the old girl.

Sailing, comfort around the cockpit, kitchen layout, spacious luminous interior, storage. . . . .

It really is a lovely boat! And not just my opinion but also my passengers.

So Los Escapados (almost) as good as new (and now has a Microwave built into the kitchen).

Plus, we have added a spinnaker boom. The boom I think is useful if you want to pull out the genoa or fly a gennaker. And I am working to get an extra stay fitted to the foredeck so that we can fly a jib without the need to remove the genoa.

The sails were in very good condition. I had a diver look below the water line and everything was good.

I did appreciate your assistance and follow up during the phase-out and handover - many thanks.

Best Wishes,



Rika, Tortola

Every time I went to Tortola I had a wonderful and exciting feeling about the boat and the people. You have maintained my boat to a pristine condition. I am very impressed with your services, and the services of the Phase Out Director, Robert, who did very good job on my boat and his diplomatic manners would win every customer's heart. I have Thanks for your impeccable services.  With respect, I will say Thank you!



Delphine, St. Lucia

Well, the day finally came (about a week ago) where I signed off on Delphine and took possession.

Lene and the crew at the St. Lucia base really worked to make me happy with the boat, and they delivered above and beyond expectations in some key areas. Delphine is now in the BVI with another charter operator.



Ekdysis II, Tortola

I understand that Ekdysis-II has been phased-out and is gone from The Moorings fleet, and that all of the maintenance was done superbly, and that she is in great shape!  Please tell all involved thanks. 



Farewell Bend, Abacos

The Acceptance and Release Certificate has been signed and faxed.  Everything should be in order for your hand over of Farewell Bend.  The base has done an excellent job of refurbishing during the phase out.  Take care of her and have a safe passage.



Mystique, St. Martin

Thank you! The. Moorings has been a great experience and everyone has been incredibly helpful!


Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.