Reasons to own a Moorings Monohull

Monohull sailing yachts are an absolute beauty to look at. When you are heeling along through the islands of the Caribbean and you feel the spray of the ocean splash across your sun-glowing skin, and then you put in a quick and seamless tack on a boat that responds quickly at the helm, there is nothing else like it in the world.

When it comes to finding the perfect sailboat, monohulls and catamarans both have their pros and cons. At the end of the day what matters the most is what is important to the buyer, and which type of yacht will help you achieve your sailing and vacation goals. One of the most important things for a buyer to consider is personal preference. Do you prefer speed and agility, or do you prefer space? Another important thing to consider is your desired budget.

Fortunately, when you consider a monohull from the Moorings Yacht Ownership Program, you do not have to compromise on anything.  All of the monohulls available through our yacht ownership program are customized Beneteau Yachts and many of them are award-winning. If you want speed, these yachts will give you speed! If you need an agile boat, these boats will move as fast and as easy as you want them to. And if space is what you are looking for, look no further than a Moorings Monohull. These yachts have been maximized on interior space to give you a comfortable feeling whether you choose to spend your time on the deck, or in the saloon.

And what’s more? You make money while sailing your yacht and sister ships at destinations worldwide. To discover which Moorings monohull would be the perfect fit for you, read about the yachts we have available below.  

Moorings 38.2

This award-winning monohull offers you both stability and style at sea. This hull extends into a wide beam towards the stern, giving you more momentum and increased stability. The twin rudders provide easy handling from either of the two helms.

Above deck, you can relax in your expansive cockpit. The 38.2 is equipped with an innovative mainsail arch. The mainsail arch secures the mainsheet tackle further aft on the boom. This provides a safer sailing experience.  Additionally, it completely clears the cockpit of training lines providing more space that is safe. It also provides a larger opening for the companionway hatch.

Below deck you will discover modern interior with wood finishes and a spacious saloon and galley. This yacht is equipped with two cabins and two heads.

Owning this yacht through our Yacht Ownership Program would be an exceptional experience. If you want to learn more, use our “Quote This Boat” tool to discover detailed pricing.

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Moorings 42.1

The Moorings 42.1 is a new-generation Beneteau monohull from the design tables of Finot-Conq and Nauta Design. She's modern, fast and comfortable. She blends intuitive performance with effortless comfort for a dream-worthy sailing experience.

Below deck, the master cabin includes a double bed with an en-suite bathroom shower, while two additional cabins share another full bathroom. Through six large portholes, natural light floods the interior keeping below deck as bright as above.

Shore power air conditioning amplifies onboard comfort, which extends to the spacious saloon. With a mast positioned further back, she promises to provide excellent balance under sail and increased comfort both inside and out.

This yacht is suited as the perfect cruiser for family and friends.

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Moorings 45.3

Built to combine safety, comfort and performance. This yacht boasts a large cockpit with dual helms and an open deck plan.  The cockpit is enormous and convivial.

Below deck, you will discover intelligent use of space. She features three cabins with en-suite heads, shore power a/c, a spacious saloon with bench seating and a well- appointed galley.

Sailing this performance-driven yacht is a breeze to handle with all lines leading back to the aft cockpit with a fully equipped nav station. Off the stern, the rear seat drops down to create a bathing platform, an innovation every swimmer will love. From top to bottom, every detail of The Moorings 45.3 has been expertly crafted for your ultimate sailing pleasure.

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Katie Baker

Katie is a Yacht Sales Marketing Professional specializing in the growth of the marine industry. Her creativity is most brilliant when sailing and multihulls are the theme.