The Moorings Monohull Ownership Experience: A Trio of Sailing Tales

Embarking on the journey of monohull ownership through The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program is more than a financial investment—it's an invitation to a world of extraordinary holidays, unwavering service, seamless access to boats worldwide, guaranteed monthly returns, and the exhilaration of embracing the sailing lifestyle. Join us as we explore the stories of three couples who have found delight in the experience of owning a monohull through The Moorings.


Dick and Pam Backstrom: Seven Monohulls, One Catamaran, Two Decades of Ownership


Meet Dick and Pam Backstrom, a couple whose sailing journey spans over six decades, when they first met on the water. Starting their journey with The Moorings in 1992, the Backstrom’s have had a remarkable ownership experience spanning over two decades.


Having owned an impressive eight monohulls with The Moorings and eagerly awaiting their ninth -and first catamaran- the Backstroms find joy in the global camaraderie and professionalism fostered by The Moorings staff. “One of the most enjoyable aspects of ownership with The Moorings is the staff at The Moorings bases worldwide. (They) make the experience wonderful!”


It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing

And the Backstroms would certainly know, as they have not always had smooth sailing in their two decades as part of The Moorings family. “Our fourth 51-foot monohull ‘Caribbean Soul III’ based in the BVIs was lost in hurricane Irma in 2017 and paid for by the insurance company by November of the same year. The next boat, ‘Serendipity,’ a 48-foot monohull that we only sailed once, was being brought back from St Martin when the hired crew put it on the reef just entering the Tortola harbor.”


But these setbacks did not deter the Backstroms from their yacht ownership dreams, and before long, they were on to monohull number six. Currently, the Backstroms have two monohulls in The Moorings fleet to increase their owner usage time and are awaiting the arrival of their first catamaran.


Their decision to transition to a catamaran was driven by both partnership considerations and the spacious comfort offered by a 50-foot catamaran.


Moorings Ownership Highlights From Two Decades Of Experience

Having owned boats in the Caribbean with another BVI charter company before, the Backstrom’s are well aware of the value-added bonuses that come with boat ownership through The Moorings. “We were responsible for insurance, and the other charter company required us to hire a person in the area to look after the boat for hurricane season, and we were responsible for yacht maintenance. With The Moorings, those things are paid for.”


The couple further emphasizes the top three benefits of boat ownership with The Moorings through their two decades of experience as being: comprehensive coverage for insurance, maintenance, and hurricane precautions; the flexibility to use owners' time at The Moorings bases worldwide; and the exceptional and friendly staff at The Moorings that are always willing to go the extra mile to make your sailing experiences unforgettable.


For the Backstroms, being Moorings owners means more than boat ownership; it means being part of a team that shares their love for sailing. Their travels have taken them to destinations like Tortola, St. Martin, Antigua, and the list goes on.


To those considering The Moorings monohull ownership, Dick and Pam advise thinking of it as a partnership rather than just ownership. “It's about joining a community of passionate sailors.”

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Kenneth and Karen Lee: Maiden Voyage


A New Chapter

Kenneth and Karen Lee, first-time Moorings owners from Atlanta, Georgia, embarked on their boat ownership journey with the 46.3 Beneteau, "Mystic Lee". Their sailing roots trace back to the Chesapeake Bay, and their decision to join The Moorings was influenced by a memorable honeymoon at the Bitter End Yacht Club after chartering a monohull through The Moorings.


The decision to choose monohull ownership over a catamaran was easy for the Lees, with the ease of ownership, global travel opportunities, and the flexibility to upgrade to a catamaran when needed with bigger groups or friends who tend to get seasick.


Global Adventures Made Easy

The overwhelming factor that initially attracted Ken to The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program is the ease of global exploration and motivation to broaden their holiday horizons, with the turnkey hands-off nature of The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program perfectly fitting into their sailing lifestyle.


“Turnkey yacht ownership means I do not have to worry about maintenance, dockage fees, and most importantly, getting my yacht out of the hurricane box each and every year! I get to use my yacht as motivation to travel the world with the ability to sail sister ships at any of the Moorings/Sunsail yacht bases across the globe. If I have a group that are not prior sailors, or if I have a larger group that wants to party more than sail, I can upgrade to a cat if need be."


For those considering The Moorings monohull ownership, Ken suggests realizing the transformative potential of sailing in foreign waters without the need to cross an ocean. “The boat becomes the catalyst for unforgettable travel experiences.”


And at the end of the day, what it means to be a Moorings owner for Ken and Karen is simply that, “It’s a dream come true! Still cannot believe my life worked out so that my family and I can do this!” And isn’t that what the sailing lifestyle is all about?

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Travis and Stephanie Leach: Vacation With Peace of Mind

Seasoned sailors with years of experience, Travis and Stephanie Leach chose The Moorings for its reputation and stability. Owning the Beneteau 46.3 "Exit Strategy", they appreciate the comfort of the financial security of monthly returns on their investment and accessibility to multiple bases that The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program offers them. For the Leaches, their four years of being Mooring owners have meant offsetting vacation costs annually with peace of mind.


The Leach family chose their Beneteau 46.3 for its family-friendly features, including three cabins and three heads. The perks of owning a monohull, such as lower maintenance costs and easier marina access, were key factors in their decision.


The top three benefits of owning a monohull with The Moorings, according to Travis, include exceptional customer service, financial security, and the flexibility to explore other Moorings bases.


Exit Strategy -The Perfect Escape

For the Leaches, their boat is not just a vessel - it's the key to unlocking family time, creating memories, and enjoying the tranquility of the open waters. So far, their nautical adventures have taken them to diverse destinations, from Croatia and St. Martin to the BVI, Antigua, and St. Lucia.


After having shopped around at other ownership programs and ultimately settling on The Moorings, the Leach's biggest advice to those looking into owning a monohull or catamaran through an ownership program is to look for “The financial security of the company and customer service", adding that when it comes to choosing a specific boat to own potential buyers should, “charter the model you would like first to confirm it is the best fit for your needs. We had charted a few years before and were confident that our boat was a good fit for our family at our stage in life.”

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Set Sail With Hassel-Free Yacht Ownership


These testimonials weave a narrative of unforgettable experiences, reliable service, financial stability, knowing you have guaranteed monthly returns on your investment and the joy of exploring global destinations with friends and family. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the maritime world, The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program opens the door to hassle-free yacht ownership and a world of adventure, relaxation, and the thrill of the open seas.


Hanrie Bosch