The Relationship Between The Moorings and Leopard Catamarans

Have you ever wanted to know more about the relationship between the two companies? Well we are going to explain to you exactly how the two brands are related in this post.

The History of The Moorings & Leopard Catamarans

Although founded in 1969, it was not until 1994 that The Moorings decided to enter catamarans into their charter fleet. After an extensive amount of research, The Moorings decided that Robertson & Caine of Cape Town, South Africa would be the most qualified builders to provide a rugged catamaran up to the challenge of crossing the Atlantic Ocean during their deliveries to the BVI at first, but eventually crossing all oceans to various charter bases around the world. These yachts had to be well-constructed, easy to handle, simple to maintain, spacious and fun to sail. Robertson & Caine built these catamarans exclusively for The Moorings charter fleet for five years, but eventually inquiries began from customers asking how they could own these catamarans from The Moorings without going through a Yacht Management Program. Due to the fast-growing popularity for these ruggedly-built, easy to maintain and exciting to sail catamarans, private ownership was the natural evolution. 


From The Moorings to Leopard Catamarans

In 2000, Leopard Catamarans was conceived. Purchasing a catamaran into The Moorings Yacht Ownership Program may be the easiest way to own a yacht, but it is not the ideal way to own for everyone. Because so many clients had begged the question, "How can I buy one and keep it for myself?", the brand Leopard Catamarans was created as means of a different way to own a Moorings Catamaran. Leopard Catamarans are the same catamarans that you will find in The Moorings Charter Fleets. Robertson & Caine exclusively builds these yachts for THL Marine, which is the umbrella in which both brands operate under.


Are the boats any different?

The same pillars of well-built, easy to maintain and effortless handling was requested by private owners looking for the same features as the charter boats.  However, the needs of private ownership are different than the needs of charter ownership. Many private owners are full-time or part-time live aboard and thus need a plethora of choices that you would not typically find on a charter yacht. The catamarans sold by The Moorings come with standard specifications to maintain a uniform fleet. Leopard Catamarans offer features geared toward full-time live-aboard clients. For example, offering an option for three cabin versions with the entire starboard hull dedicated to an owner suite, additional storage space, options such as washer / dryer, and more. All Leopard and Moorings Catamarans are built from the same mold and to the same high standards.


Is a Leopard Catamaran considered a Moorings Catamaran?

In the short answer, no. However, you could say that a Moorings Catamaran is considered a Leopard Catamaran. If you were to purchase a Leopard Catamaran you could build your boat to fit the exact factory option criteria of a Moorings Charter Catamaran, the only difference between the two boats would then be that the yachts are branded differently.

You could say that the boats are sister ships built by Robertson & Caine. For reference: Moorings 4000 = Leopard 40; Moorings 4500 = Leopard 45; Moorings 5000 = Leopard 50; Moorings 5800 = Leopard 58; Moorings 514PC = Leopard 51 PC; Moorings 433 PC = Leopard 43 PC

The Moorings and Leopard Catamarans are part of the Travelopia family, a leading specialist travel group owned by global investment firm KKR.




Katy Buckner

Katy grew up in Clearwater, FL and has been with The Moorings and Sunsail for many years. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs including operating a crewed yacht in the BVI, four years as a Vacation Planning Specialist, and helping people own yachts in our fleet since 1990.