Welcome to La Paz: Our Newest Adventure Awaits

La Paz, Mexico, is known for its sparkling clear-blue waters that collide gently with the great Baja Peninsula, a harmony that results in a dream-like landscape. This piece of paradise offers access to a world of wonders on and beneath the Sea of Cortez. Not only can you immerse yourself in this boater's paradise, but now you can also own a yacht in La Paz, making this unforgettable destination your personal gateway to adventure.



The Paradise of La Paz

Situated just north of Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, La Paz reveals unbelievable beauty, stretching from its seas to its landscapes. You can relax on secluded beaches that border its turquoise waters, swim and connect with diverse marine life, and enjoy the grand scenery of La Paz. Alternatively, you might immerse yourself in Mexican culture's vibrant festivals and celebrations on land. However, La Paz is primarily known for its sea adventures, which ocean and boat enthusiasts are most often drawn to.

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Why Choose La Paz?

Jacques Cousteau describes La Paz as "the world's aquarium" because of its abundance of fascinating marine life and boundless sea adventures that captivate explorers and vacationers. The great thing about La Paz is that there's always a good time to visit. It all depends on what you love doing. Discover the perfect time for you to hit the water based on the following seasonal activities: 

Swim With Playful Sea Lions 

From September to May, Los Islotes presents a unique opportunity to swim with the sea lions of La Paz. If this underwater adventure intrigues you, we recommend visiting in the months when they are most active. The playful nature of the sea lions makes for an unforgettable experience as you interact with these creatures in their natural habitat.

Whale Watching

From January to March, La Paz becomes the hot spot for whale watching. From your yacht, you're able to observe the captivating gray, blue, and humpback whales of La Paz in all of their natural glory. 

Swim with the Gentle Giants of the Sea

From May to October, you can swim with majestic whale sharks in the warm waters of Espíritu Santo Island. While there, visit the island's UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to see the vibrant community of octopuses, fish, and rays at peak visibility. 

Visit One of the Oldest Coral Reefs in the World

From October to November, you can fulfill a snorkeler's dream by visiting one of the world's oldest and most diverse coral reefs. With over 800 species of marine life, the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a must-visit during these months for ideal water conditions. This ancient reef system offers breathtaking underwater views, perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

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Land Experiences

Whether you want to join in on the experience or avoid the noise, you can follow this guide for all things land festivities:

February: Carnival of La Paz

When The Carnival of La Paz is in full swing, it offers exciting parades, live music, and traditional dancing that amazes its crowds with its vibrancy and color. 

April: La Paz International Film Festival

For avid movie watchers, the La Paz International Film Festival showcases international and Mexican films that captivate the audience. This festival celebrates cinema and offers diverse films celebrating Mexico and the world.

November: Day of the Dead Celebrations

The infamous Day of the Dead celebrations offer an extraordinary cultural experience filled with demonstrations, festivities, and artful displays that honor and remember departed loved ones while celebrating life.

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The Mooring's Ownership Opportunities in La Paz

We are proud to present the opportunity to own The Moorings 4500, 403PC or the 464PC in La Paz, allowing you to spend time creating memories on the Sea of Cortez. We firmly believe in taking advantage of doing the things that you genuinely love. This is why we provide the opportunity to spend more time on the water, free from the stress and cost of yacht maintenance, insurance, and dockage.

Owning a yacht in La Paz means opening the door to a world of unique opportunities and experiences for you, your friends, and your family. But it doesn't have to end with just La Paz; sail sister ships across 20+ exciting destinations with up to 12 weeks of sailing per year. Contact a charter yacht ownership representative to learn more today!

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